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For the privacy of clients only initials are used in signatures. However, since animals cannot speak for themselves, Nicole urges you to be especially thorough in your search for an accurate and helpful animal communicator. For this reason, Nicole has listed not only testimonials but also full reference letters (many wonderful stories!), and is happy to provide personal references. Please E-mail for a list of contacts.


When Nicole communicated with my deceased dog she was really able to convey my dog's personality and said things in a way that I knew that my dog was speaking. She was also able to convey information about my personal life that only my dog would know! Not only did Nicole help me with the pain of my loss but was also able to help my cat through the change- with the loss of his companion and the addition of 2 rescue dogs. Nicole gave me information to help my cat, which I implemented and the results were immediate. Nicole was also able to give me unknown information on the rescue dogs, which helped me to understand their needs and to better care for them. I can't say enough nice things about Nicole. I was truly impressed with her accuracy and abilities to communicate with my animals. She was extremely helpful and someone who I am very thankful was available to me in my time of need.
~ L.G.

I thought that you would like to know that I have had some excellent rides on Bob since you talked to him. He's even doing better with canter transitions! We are having more fun now, and I have been able to finally relax my attitude. Your insight helped me very much, since so much of success in riding is mentally being in tune with what you need to do for that particular animal.

Nicole has carried out both distance readings and also healings for my dog and cat. It was my privilege to find Nicole on an internet search and I have never looked back. She has comforted me by her accurate, detailed readings and her astute manner in which they are relayed. I cannot recommend Nicole more highly.
~ G.J

Nicole's gift of communicating with animals is incredible--when you look into your pet's eyes you know they are trying to communicate with you. Thankfully Nicole takes it a step further and enables the rest of us to be able to gain insight into what our furry/crawly/flying friends think of us and her ability to send loving and healing thoughts to them has been a great comfort all around.

you brought me through a tough place that exists for all of us who lose a beloved pet -- you confirmed like no other that "as endless as the earth and skies, love is eternal, love never dies". I wish I could comment on every word of your reading -- nothing was off about it at all. It was perfect, heaven-sent.

Nicole has done several readings for me to include 2 cats, 1 dog and a horse. She was right on with all of the readings and gave me special insight into the world of my pets. Even if you don't have a specific question for your special pet, isn't it worth knowing if they are happy and well adjusted?
~ K.O.

My daughter and I want to thank you for the amazing readings that you gave us about our pets. They were so "right on" about many things... It was so nice to know what they are thinking and how they are feeling. It has made a stronger connection between us and our pets. Also thank you for the great pet communication class. It was very informative and we could not wait to go home to try it out on our furry critters. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a truly gifted psychic pet communicator!

thank you for sending healing to my dogs, they are acting better already and not staying next to me every second. They have gone outside and stayed for a while today and that is a first. They definitely seem more at ease.



To Whom it Concerns:

Nicole has worked with Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Service as an invaluable volunteer for the last three years. During that time she has assisted us with countless cases through the understanding -- and often healing -- of a bird's fears, aggression, past history or even illness. Nicole's communications with MAARS birds has allowed the MAARS staff to better address the needs of troubled birds and approach their relationships to humans with greater awareness.

Although I have always been certain that it is possible to communicate with animals, I was very skeptical when we first met Nicole. There are many who claim to have the ability to "talk to the animals" but whom - in my experience - are no more than the average person. Nicole's readings have proved to be consistently accurate - based on ascertainable facts and evidence never revealed to Nicole before or since communicating with individual MAARS birds. Nicole is truly gifted and motivated only by compassion, caring and a sense of obligation: she lends her voice to those who need it most.

Eileen McCarthy
Co-founder & President
MAARS - Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services, Inc.

Accredited by TAOS - The Association of Sanctuaries

Founding member of the AWC - Avian Welfare Coalition


To Whom it Concern:

I am writing this letter to tell you of our experience with Nicole.

We adopted a rescue Golden Retriever named Opie. It was clear this boy was scared of the world and everyone in it. He wouldn't come out of his safe spot to eat dinner. Opie would not come to anyone, even after he had been with us for a few months. I would have to walk him on a leash to our fenced backyard to get him to go outdoors to potty. He was scared of kids, to the point of shaking when he saw them. My husband and I have had dogs since we were very young. I do obedience training and have worked with some very difficult dogs. Opie was different, something bad had happened to him. I wished that Opie could tell me what he had been though, so maybe I (we) could help him.

I thought maybe a pet communicator could help. I must admit I thought pet communicators would say things based on what the person would tell them. I found Nicole Roberts and thought I would at least give it a shot. The worst that could happen would be I learned nothing new about Opie. She did my reading for free since I worked with a golden retriever rescue group.

I emailed Nicole a picture of our Opie. I also told Nicole in the email, that Opie was a rescue, he was 2 years old, and seemed scared of things. I didn't tell her the things I had already seen out of Opie. On June 20, 2003 I called Nicole for Opie's reading. She began telling me things about Opie. Some are listed below.

Nicole told me that Opie was always looking up.

Yes he did, he had done that since the day we brought him to our home.

Nicole said he was scared of kids, especially the younger ones (aged 5 to 9 years).

Yes again. Opie had been out walking with 3 of our other goldens when small/young children came up to pet them. Opie got behind me, shook, laid on the ground and tinkled. These children were in the age range of 4 to 8 years. Opie would act very nervous when our 9 year old son would enter the room.

Nicole said that children had slammed Opie's front feet in doors.

Any time I tried to touch his front feet Opie would jump and try to hide his feet.

Nicole said that with his previous owners anytime Opie would come when called he would be hit/abused. Opie wanted a new name, but he did like names with the "E" sound ending.

Opie was not good with recalls and we think Opie was afraid if he came to us he would get the same treatment as before. We changed his name to Brady which he started responding to the first day. Brady now walks around the house with his head held high and tail wagging. Brady goes up to our 9 year old son and asks for attention. Brady still sleeps in his safe spot, but follows me around the house and yard during the day. Brady now runs around the backyard with the 4 other goldens. He will now join the other goldens in barking at strangers at the back of our property. Brady now eats dinner in the kitchen with the other goldens. Brady now allows me to rub his front paws.

But here is the kicker: The entire time that Nicole was doing the reading, Opie was laying in his safe spot with his head on his front paws (still looking up). I asked Nicole if she could ask Opie some questions, which Nicole was more than happy to do. I asked him many questions through Nicole, but this one was most significant to me:

Was Opie happy here? His reply was yes, but he was afraid of where he would go next. When Nicole told me this, my tears started. I asked Nicole to tell Opie that he was staying here forever. Nicole told Opie what I said. It was at that moment Opie raised his head from his paws, looked me in the eye (the first time he had ever made eye contact) and did the typical Golden smile.

Nicole was amazing. It is because of Nicole that we were able to understand Brady's past and his fears. Nicole gave us the ability to help Brady overcome his past. She gave Brady the chance to be a happy golden. I would recommend Nicole to anyone. I feel that Nicole will give other people and their animals a chance for happy endings. I know that Nicole has made a big difference in our and Brady's life.



To whom it may concern:

Like perhaps many people who contact an animal communicator for the first time, I sought out Nicole when I was in a state of total desperation.

A close friend of mine who is an author and animal behaviorist, Diana Guerrero of recommended Nicole as an individual who she had personally found to be extremely helpful and accurate. Now Diana has a long list of animal communicators on her web site and I wanted "the best."

My beloved Siamese cat, Astrid, and her sister, Enid had suddenly begun to pee repeated in all the wrong areas. There seemed to be nothing I could do to stop them from acting out in this manner. I knew they were smart cats and that they were trying to give me a message that I just wasn't understanding.

Nicole contacted my girls and got an earful. My cat Astrid was extremely worried about her health and gave Nicole a list of very specific side effects that she was having. Overall, she felt as though she might be dying and wasn't sure why. Enid had just joined in to help "get my attention."

I had no idea! I just knew that Astrid was no longer as playful as she had been.

I immediately took her to a Holistic Vet who was horrified to hear that my regular vet had put Astrid on Steroids for the last three years, due to a breathing problem. The steroids were responsible for all the terrible side effects (increased trouble breathing, increased anxiety and irritability and kidney trouble). The vet confirmed that the steroids were literally killing my dear cat.

We weaned her off of the steroids and found natural alternatives and built up her immune system. The "acting out" stopped immediately.

So it is with great joy that I recommend Nicole as being an accurate, sensitive and reliable animal communicator.

Sincerely Yours,


To Whom it Concern:

I have been working with Nicole for almost a year after losing my 13 year old West Highland Terrier, Katie. Nicole helped ease my grief by communicating with her and letting me know that she was still with me and full of new energy. I instantly recognized this spirit as my precious little girl because of the specifics of our life together. I have no children and Katie let her know that I didn't treat her as an animal companion, but as a "daughter" ­ which is how I often described her. Katie died suddenly and we were not sure of the cause. Through Nicole it was established that she died from an acute respiratory problem. We later discovered from her breeder that two of her sisters (who lived with the breeder) died in the same way within months of each other. The specific diagnosis was never made, but Katie's description of what she died from was consistent with what her breeder's vet described as cause of death. I am presently working with Nicole in getting her back after she ardently voiced her desire to come back and live with me.

I also have a 17 year old West Highland Terrier with numerous ailments who Nicole communicates with to help me ease some of his discomforts. There have been numerous communications over the past 10 months, and always after the communications the problem gets resolved once I know what he is feeling. This information has been invaluable to me, and a few times shared with my vet. I feel that as a result of these communications we live in a more harmonious environment because I have a better understanding of what he is feeling. My shared life with my animal companion is made more enjoyable because of Nicole's priceless gift of communication and knowledge.

Nicole is a very gifted and highly ethical individual. I highly recommend her so that others may benefit and have the privilege of working with her.



To Whom it Concern:

I located Nicole through her web site and contacted her about a concern I had with one of my dogs. She is a very caring and understanding person who took my concerns seriously and worked with me to find the reason why one of my year old dogs was becoming aggressive. She gave me information about my life and my dogs that I had not told her and she had no other way of knowing. After she had contacted my dogs and sent continual healing, the aggressive behavior became less and less. Anytime there have been stressful events in my life I was comforted to know that I could contact Nicole and she would help me work through them.

A major event in my life happened when I moved from Florida to North Dakota in the middle of winter and the dogs got loose. It was below zero and the wind was blowing the snow everywhere. I was frantic. My dogs had just arrived in the cold weather several days earlier and were used to warm temperatures. Their coats were still light and I knew they would not last very long in this weather unless they came home quickly. As soon as I realized they were gone, I contacted Nicole and asked her for help. She contacted the dogs and told them to come home because they were in danger. They listened to her and returned home before the freezing cold could erase the scent of their tracks and they were unable to find their way back. I believe that without Nicole's help, my dogs would have been lost in the cold and snow and died of exposure. I will always be grateful for the help she has given me and will continue to contact her anytime I there are problems or stressful events that she can assist me with.



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