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Need a new perspective on that question?

African grey parrots are well known for their intelligence, speaking ability and telepathic gifts. They are wonderful spirits, but not suited for a life spent alone in a cage. Even when given free reign over an entire household, african grey parrots quickly grow bored and can develop behavioral or health problems. These parrots need the almost constant companionship of their chosen humans, and a lot of new experiences to keep their active minds happy.

Diamond is an exceptional 4 year old congo african grey parrot with far too much time on his hands! He has incredible speaking ability, and the wisdom and humor of a very old soul. He has long helped Nicole with her psychic work, and now is pining for a career of his own.

Diamond can answer questions about people, animals or events. Your questions should be phrased in simple, straightforward terms. Please do not give Diamond much (if any) background information, as he tends to get bogged down. Expect to receive short insights that are comforting, wise, poignant and practical, as well as comic, whimsical, amazing and sometimes mystifying. Answers will be relayed in e-mail exactly as Diamond has said them, without interpretation. All proceeds go directly to Diamond to purchase whatever he wishes (usually toys). Diamond sets his own fees. Diamond reserves the right to refuse any question, in which case you will receive a refund (minus 4% paypal fees).

How to ask Diamond a question:

1.Complete form below.
2. Pay via PayPal, or arrange to send cash or a check.
3. Prepare to answer a question from Diamond, which will be based on information contained in the following article written by Nicole and Diamond: So, you think you want a parrot? Correctly answering a question based on this text is required before receiving insight from Diamond (you will have 3 chances to get it right).

Diamond's fees:
1 question -- $5 or 3 questions -- $10.00

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So, you think you want a parrot?
By Nicole and Diamond-Coming Soon!



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