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Nicole is a psychic animal communicator who can help you understand and respond to your pet's telepathic communications. Nicole can communicate with any species of animal (domestic or wild), as well as contact deceased pets, or your pet's spirit guides. Sessions can be conducted in-person, on the telephone or through e-mail.

Nicole uses three methods of communication: direct, psychic and dream realm connection to assure a thorough reading with your animal. Nicole is also able to help animals heal physically and emotionally through spiritual healing.

*Direct Communication
The first style of communication is direct or telepathic. You can have a direct two-way conversation with your pet. When Nicole is telepathically communicating with an animal she will get impressions, images, feelings or words for what they are saying. This information comes directly from the animal, in their word style and personality. In talking to your animal this way, Nicole is able to relay their feelings and viewpoints about issues effecting them and their human family, in some cases it is like having a family counseling session. Most people are quite surprised to find out just how many aspects of human life their animals are consciously aware of, involved in, and have strong opinions about! However, since this way of communicating comes directly from the animal, it is not always complete or trustworthy, just like in some human-to-human conversations. For example, some animals may choose to hide a physical or emotional problem; other animals may be shy and not want to say much; while still others may be trouble makers or tricksters who find it fun to tell jokes or even flat out lies! Therefore, Nicole uses two other styles of gaining information about an animal along with this direct communication.

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*Psychic Communication
Just like people, animals have angels and spirit guides around them all the time, guiding and protecting them, and helping them to understand and accomplish their life's purpose. Along with talking with your animal directly, Nicole is able to talk to your animal's angels and spirit guides for higher wisdom or clear objectivity in any situation. Communicating with your animal's angels can help you understand why an animal may do a specific behavior, what your animal needs to be happy, and how you can help your animal fulfill his/her life purpose. If your animal has a traumatic past, the angels can tell you how to best help your animal to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Angels and spirit guides are often helpful in discovering, finding treatment for, or understanding the purpose of health issues your animal may have. If your animal is very ill, the angels can help you know what your pet needs to complete his/her mission on earth and how you can best help them experience a peaceful transition into spirit.

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*Dream Realm Communication
The third way Nicole is able to help animals is in the dream realm. Sometimes before or after a session, Nicole will have a "visionary" type of dream where the animal will give her information about itself or a situation that it would not reveal in normal life. For most animals there is a particular spirit who watches over their particular species. For example, Nicole has met a "Dog God", "Cat God", "Horse God", "Bird God", "Fish God, and a "Mouse God". These "God's" work somewhat like angels and guides only on a larger scale, they often show themselves in dreams to bring help or guidance to a particular animal or species, herd, flock or school of animals.

*Healing Sessions
Along with communicating with an animal, Nicole is able to channel healing angels (or spirit doctors) to bring the healing energy of spirit into your animal's life. Healing sessions are very useful in helping resolve emotional, behavioral or relationship problems, as well as healing physical illnesses or ailments. For more information on healing, see the animal healing page (coming soon).

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*Frequently Asked Questions

Does the animal need to be present?
No. There are fewer distractions if the animal is not present. In fact, the animal can be in a third location, far away from both Nicole and the animal's guardian. Since the communication is telepathic, physical distance does not effect the communication process. What is most important is that the animal is in a calm and receptive state of mind. Sometimes it is helpful for Nicole to see a photo of the animal.

What questions can I ask?
Animal communication is like carrying on a conversation with a close friend or family member. You can ask your animal anything. Animals typically know much more than we give them credit for. Some common questions include: How do you feel? How can I help you be happier? Why do you do that odd, interesting or annoying behavior? How do you feel about your other family members? Can you tell me about your past? What is your opinion on our future plans? How can we help you transition? (This may be either a lifestyle transition, or you can talk to your pet about illness and euthanasia.) You can even ask your pet's advice about issues going on in your own life, as they usually are quite happy to be asked to express their wisdom!

What about my passed over animal?
Animals have souls that live on after death, just like people do, therefore Nicole can talk to deceased animals in much the same way as living animals. Using her ability as a psychic medium, Nicole can talk to your animal's spirit and in most cases allow you to have a direct two-way conversation with them. You can ask them about their life on the other side, and/or their past life on earth, or their transition process. Most passed over animals will remain spiritually near their human family for many years after their deaths. It is also common for animals to choose to reincarnate and be physically with their human family again.

How long has Nicole been doing this?
Nicole has been communicating with animals since she was 4 years old when she found that she could ask animals to help her with things that she could not do because of her physical disability. Her family pets would not only physically help her, but also telepathically convey to Nicole events happening that due to her immobility she could not see or otherwise participate in.

Can I learn to do this myself?
Certainly! Ask Nicole about her upcoming classes or one-on-one mentoring sessions.

How do I set up an appointment?
Click here to request an animal communication session. Nicole will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your communication request. Most of the time, sessions can be scheduled within ten days of the day you requested the session. Priority status is available for urgent situations or emergency requests, if you feel your reading is urgent please let Nicole know by email.

Does Nicole talk to passed over people or do psychic readings for people?
Yes! Please click here for the people page.

Animal communication sessions make long remembered and appreciated gifts!

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*Animal Communication Sessions available:
Animal Communication Sessions are available through e-mail, telephone or in-person. All e-mail correspondence includes follow up so that you can be sure to have your questions answered as clearly and completely as she is able.

*Online through E-Mail -- Your questions will be answered clearly and completely. Nicole is available for any clarification you need after receiving your written response. Online animal communication sessions may involve up to three mail exchanges.

*By Telephone -- Appointment required. Please note, you will accrue your regular long-distances charges in addition to the reading fee.

*In-Person -- By appointment in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

If you are unable to make an in-person reading, animal communication sessions can be done just as effectively on the phone or through e-mail.

Nicole offers a varied fee structure in hopes of making support available to everyone. If you are unable to afford these costs, a limited amount of low cost readings are made available monthly.
To apply, please e-mail Nicole.

Phone sessions can be tape recorded for an additional $5 shipping fee. In-person sessions can be recorded at no additional cost. Please let Nicole know if you would like your reading taped.

Wait time for readings generally vary between 2-3 weeks. Please email Nicole if you'd like to know her current schedule. If your need is urgent, Nicole can often fit you in within a week, however there is a $50 additional charge for urgent appointment spots.

*Cancellation Policy
You must notify Nicole at least 48 hours in advance to cancel your appointment and receive a refund. No refunds will be given for skipped or missed appointments. If you miss your appointment and wish to reschedule, there is a fee of half of the cost of another appointment. Exceptions are made in the case of illness as long as some notice is given.

Up to 40 minutes:   $120  E-mail, telephone or in-person
60 minutes:           $150  E-mail, telephone or in-person
90 minutes:           $225  E-mail,telephone or in-person
120 minutes:         $300  E-mail,telephone or in-person

Payment can be made using a credit card by clicking the PayPal button. PayPal can accept multiple currencies. You may also U.S. mail a personal check or money order to Nicole, but all payments must be received before your session. If you have any difficulties using Paypal or would simply prefer to U.S. mail a check, please E-Mail Nicole for more information.

Nicole is recommended by Internationally known animal communicator, Penelope Smith
and Psychic, Echo Bodine
*Special event with Nicole on March 8th!

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*~May All Beings Be At Peace~*


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